Saturday June 11th

I've recently started to look at both Python and Ruby. I currently consider myself a PHP developper, even though, as a junior, I juggle between multiple languages. This means I'm currently using PHP, Javascript and old-school ASP+VBScript at Anekdotes, Java at school and Python and Ruby in my free time.

For information, I am a student in software engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure, located in Montreal, Canada. All our programming classes have been in Java, and led me to disliking the language. As I've previously coded in C#, the logic seems similar between both languages, but Java feels lacking in some areas. I've felt some situations where I wanted to pass a variable by reference, but wasn't allowed. There's a few other quirks that irked me, but I can't remember them all, as the last lines of Java I wrote were 3 months ago.

I really enjoy Python's syntax. I sometimes have issues with indenting, as I tend to be poor at observing things. This leads me to not noticing I've got some lines off, indentation wise. Python cannot compile these errors, which leads me to fix these issues. The language feels rubust and everything currently feels good while using it. I'm currently using it on CodeWars, to solve katas.

I'll be using this blog to as a journal, to write my thoughts about the current issues and technologies I'll be facing and using, but I'll probably also discuss some video games I'll be playing.

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