Things I want to learn in 2016

Friday July 1st


This post is up in the air. It is mostly a list of things I want to experiment with by the end of the year. By no means do I want to become an expert in any of these langauges/domains, but I want to dive into them a litle bit.


I've previously mentionned that I currently work as a PHP developper. We use a custom home-made framework for our client projects. It works well, but I'd like to dive in Laravel to see how the most popular PHP Frameworks work and see if we can improve ours based on it.


I've also previously noted that I've started looking at Ruby in my free time. And by looking, I mean I've read 4 chapters of the "Build yourself a roguelike". I'll probably discuss the eBook in another post, but in the meanwhile, I do not suggest buying it until reading a future blogpost on the subject.


Clojure is a functionnal programming language. ClojureScript is a compiler, which turns your Clojure code in JavaScript instead of Java. I've heards of benefits of having immutable data structures and want to try fiddling with those for a first time.

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